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Hello I'm Roger Janney from Roanoke VA, I am so glad Tom posted the info about the group and allowed me to join. I have been a member of the Ayers forum since the early 2000's and hate to see it go but hopefully I have found a non-Facebook group here to call home. I use Facebook and follow a few model sites but really do not like how temporary and hard to find older posted stuff is to find. I'm 62 and still work full time as an autobody repair tech so the grind of the job and the loss of energy as I age has curbed my building time the last few years. I still love the hobby and buy way more kits than I will ever build and average finishing 1 to 2 kits a year mostly of the Alabama Gangs Cup and Short Track cars. I closed my fotki site when the ayers forum announced its shutting down so I will have to open a new site before I can post photos, but I should be here most every day looking and reading and posting occasionally. Any suggestions on the best photo hosting site to post photos from for this forum? Thanks R.J
I check this site every other day hoping to see some models and/or conversation.

I don't do Facebook so the few message boards left (models and real racing) will have to keep me happy.
Nice job on an iconic car!  A guy in the vintage club I race with has an older-style Wimble replica, also, Doug Rundell bent the tubing for the late models I built and raced in the late 1970's and early 1980's.  He still lives not far from me in Sherburne, NY, home of McCredy Motors!
Looks great to me Spooker! Glad that you made the jump.
First post here, thanks for getting me in, Tom!  Many of you may know me from Randy's forum (& others).  Not the most active modeler in the summer, but I do have a few projects going until I'm healed enough to get the 1:1 race car done and out!  Seems like a great place, hope to see this one continue - Brian

Built several of these as a kid, never did a good job on one.  Always had trouble with the Monogram decals.  When I found a nice aftermarket sheet, I decided to make this my "relaxing OOB build" before my hip replacement surgery in mid-March.  Didn't get it done, for a simple kit it has some fit problems, plus I decided to add Indycals round Dzus decals, seatbelts, upgrade the dash with gauge decals, PE bezels and an ON/OFF toggle, and some plug wires.  Kit is nicely done, fairly accurate as far as it goes, but does lack a few items, like a tie rod, pedals, rear suspension (other than radius rods) and some interior tin work.  Also decided to move it forward a couple of years in time to when the tires had gotten a little bigger, with some old resin dirt tires I had, keeping one stock front tire on the LF.  Don Edmunds and his Autoresearch Co. debuted the real car in 1966, it was the cover car on Hot Rod Magazines July 1966 issue.  My thought was if Edmunds had kept the car for a few years, he would have been using the latest wider tires on it, of course.  So, post surgery, as soon as I could sit comfortably at the bench, I finished it up.  Here are a few pics, thanks for looking.

Link to Don Edmunds site:

Where did you get that shade of pink? I'm a rattle can (no pun intended) guy. I've found a hot pink and a very feminine dusty pink before. The shade that you've used is perfect, kind of in between.
Great looking build. And fine example of the type of kit I would like to build and post.
Hi John! Glad to see you're still here. The modified stockers can look pretty good with some Ron Coon tires and wheels.

Keep on modeling.

I really like those Santa Cruz crossovers. Your's looks great.