Harold Cook 1974 Season Camaro

Started by ARCA Guy, August 02, 2019, 11:09:25 AM

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I did this replica of super neat Camaro driven by Harold Cook in 1974 and was later replaced by the late, great John Anderson who won all over in this car. Usual stuff on it, Rod did the decals and are perfect! I have some hood fitting issues I need to contend with, but basically done and onto Randy Sweet replica from 1974. Thanks for looking...

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Ed K.

ModelCarMan AKA Ricky

Bob P.

Beautiful replica ARCA guy. Looks just like the real car, nice detail work.



Wow, Looks just like the real race car. excellent build.


Outstanding work, AG.
I like it !!

I'm usually pretty good with racing in those days, but this is a new name for me.
(I am very familiar with John Anderson though)

Michael F

Thanks for posting these pics of this fine Camaro !!

You know how to make me happy !! ;) ;)
Greetings from Germany!


NIIIIICE!  I'd be proud to have that on my shelf.


Alan Barton

That looks superb!  It would be great to see a time line of these Camaros, starting with one like yours when it was still, I'm guessing, a steel body and evolving to the very chopped and sectioned and slammed shapes that came later. Was this car raced on dirt or pavement - I can't quite make out if the tyres had tread or not?


Beautiful build.  I have always liked these early Camaros and Mustangs while they are still recognizable.  Only saw them race once at I-70 (?) Speedway in Missouri back in '74. Most of my viewing experience has been with low-slung modified coupes, Tri-Five late models, and Nova, Falcon,etc, late models.
When I win the Powerball I will switch to the real ones.

Marty W

Good choice for a Camaro build, ARCA guy! Very nicely done.


Beautiful job!! Looks just like the real one! Excellent detailing!
Rick :)


Don't know what else to say that has not already been stated ... beautiful car.