Joy Fair 1977 Season Pontiac Ventura

Started by ARCA Guy, April 28, 2020, 10:57:53 AM

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I have wanted to build this one for years and finally got it done! I added another to my Joy Fair collection after I finally found this body. I used a monte carlo super stocker chassis, big donkey resin tires and good ole Greg Holland did the decal work, which turned out fantastic. Those stripes were not easy! Thanks for looking as it's been awhile!

Michael F

Very, very cool  8) 8)
Perfect copy of the original car.
Very well done !!
Greetings from Germany!

Bob P.

Fantastic replica build. Nice work on everything.
Another beautiful set of decals By Greg Holland.
I'm sure those stripes were a big challenge, but you did a great job applying them.



Beautiful replica build. Great craftsmanship.



Marvelous  looking build!!
Great job on this replica!!

Ed K.


Nailed it !
Killer recreation.
Great work, AG


Gary Davis

Very cool looking car! Great Job on the build too!!! Where (may I ask) did you find the body?
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Brian Conn

   There is something about this build that keeps capturing my attention......just an over all fantastic build.
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Marty W

Two thumbs up! Great looking replicar!