Johnny Benson Sr. Camaro 1973

Started by ARCA Guy, January 12, 2021, 04:04:48 PM

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I've been consumed with working on real hot rods and missed this place. I did a little work recently getting back to a few builds. Johnny Benson Sr. 1973 early season replica. The same old stuff super stocker chassis with some work, I used the resin body from Mike's decal site, Mike "G" did the fine decals, Big Donkey tires and rims and a few odds and ends - thanks for looking!


That's great.  I always enjoyed Johnny Jr.  I don't know if he still races today or not.  I think he got hurt pretty bad.  Very nice model.
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Ed K.

Michael F

Very nice!! Camaros makes so cool racecars.
Great job !! 8) 8)
Greetings from Germany!


Really nice one, AG.
Spot on accuracy !

David Bogard

You always do such a good job on these ARCA Guy. Your building skills and your photography are both Top-Shelf. What item number tires are those from Big Donkey?
I appreciate people that actually build and post models.


Very sharp ARCA Guy!  Always loved the 'stock' looking Camaros!

Marty W

I always enjoy seeing your ARCA builds. Hard to beat the Carmaro body for these.


Well done ARCA guy.  Looks like you nailed it.