Joe Ruttman Mustang 1977

Started by ARCA Guy, April 27, 2022, 12:50:40 PM

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I've been absence from this cool site a bit. I threw together this replica of my buddy Joe Ruttman radical mustang from 1977. This car was somewhat short lived as he didn't run it long before slapping a camaro body on it. Thanks for looking!


Very nice replica. Well done!!!



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Brian Conn

...I never realized that Joe ran a Mustang till now ..... an awesome looking replica build!
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Excellent job! Captures the essence of the 1:1 car perfectly. It is so nice that you can almost hear the sound from the exhaust!

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Bob P.


Excellent work, beautiful build.
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Too cool, can't be the old short trackers. Terrific craftsmanship, thanks for sharing with us



Yessir, that is one mighty fine-looking Mustang, hard to believe he ruined it with a Camaro body.  Excellent workmanship on this build.
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Sharp lookin' machine ARCA Guy!

Michael F

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