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the teammate to the other 2022 Camaro posted here

Started by MarkJ, March 03, 2023, 03:27:32 PM

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This is Ross Chastain's first cup win car. He is the teammate to Daniel Suarez whose car I posted here earlier. They both drive for Trackhouse Racing and they both got their first cup wins on road courses last year. Suarez won at Sonoma and Chastain won at COTA in Austin, Texas. Finally finished this one. Took 94 hours. the only paint on the body is where I fixed the left roof strip, I polished the raw body, futured it, then decaled it, then re-futured it. I added dash panel, switch plate, wiper blade and turned the superspeedway rear spoiler into a 4 inch spoiler. Probably my last nextgen build. Just too frustrating. I also lost one of the decals. see if you can find where it was supposed to go on the model. I will make one when I make the decals for my next build.