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Grant King sprint car

Started by dirtmodwrench, July 30, 2023, 03:37:29 PM

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Picked up an original Grant King sprint car kit at the NNL East show. Haven't built one of these since I was a kid. Took the kit and a few tools with me last week as we headed up to Vermont for a little vacation. Throughout the week I was able to assemble the chassis, sand all of the body panels and tank and pretty much prep all the parts for paint. Also detailed a few things like opening up the ends of the headers for a more realistic look. Plan on replacing the kit tires with these resin rear dirt tires and wheels from Ron Coons. Need to find a better pair for the front, just had these asphalt tires with me for mock up purposes.

King Left Side by Mark Shea, on Flickr

King Sprint Car LF by Mark Shea, on Flickr

King Headers by Mark Shea, on Flickr


Good start I did the same with my trips on the C-130 while I was in air force

Bob P.


Making slow progress on this build. Got the frame and body pieces painted. Decided to use the kit wheels and knockoffs and got those painted last night. Bunch of remaining parts are in the basement ready for some color.