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Fred Lorenzen 1963 Southern 500 Ford

Started by MarkJ, September 07, 2023, 08:31:26 AM

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This finishes the 3 builds I wanted to do from the 1963 Darlington Southern 500.


Very nice. Well done! I was a big fan back the day!



 :) :)  I agree.  Very nice.   I was there that day.  What a spectacle  for a Mississippi boy who knew nothing but a 1/4 mile dirt track. 
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Never was Lorenzen fan, back then I was strictly hardcore Chevrolet: Holly Farms and Junior Johnson.  He lived eight miles from my house and was a legend for his "extracurricular" activities. That being said, Mark you have done an excellent job, as always, on this build.  I have followed many of your builds and am in awe of the detail you incorporate in them. Two thumbs up.
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Michael F

You did a superb job on this Galaxie, Mark !! 8) 8)
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Brian Conn

....Excellant!!! Is there a W.I.P somewhere?   I really like the THINK! on the dash..
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Beautiful model Mark. Thank you for letting us see it
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Thanks guys. I really appreciate the comments about the build. It was a long time coming.


Rattlecan Dan

Great job. Spot on in the detailing and paint.


Thanks, Grt222 and Donato. I really appreciate the kind words.