Wes's Model Car Corner Ole Blue Modified

Started by Danh4, November 12, 2023, 09:09:01 AM

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Second time I've built one of these kits and I enjoyed it.  Now I think I need to make an older coupe-style Ole Blue to go with it.



That's one great looking modified, well done!
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Lookd pretty good to me ! Nice looking mod..


Bob P.


Have heard these are very fiddly kits.  You however seem to have mastered it.  Very nice build, and yes an older coupe to match it is definitely called for.
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 :)Very nice.

The book on Lenny Boehler is great. 
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Michael F

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Really nice job. I have a couple of those sitting to build some day. Yours turned out great


Rattlecan Dan

Very nice build. I am also wanting to build the Original Old Blue Coupe (going to use the 36 Wild One MPC kit). But am currently building another 36-37 Coupe. Which is going to be quite time consuming, I'm sure. I'm gettin' old and moving slow these days. Even though I'm not that much into the newer Mods, your build is a beauty. Thanks for posting.