Better Late Than Never (FINISHED)

Started by BobD, April 09, 2024, 05:40:21 PM

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Completed the model in August 2023, and gave it to driver Todd Jensen. Todd unfortunately was involved in a wreck that pretty much totaled the car shortly after I started the build. I believe he got some satisfaction of at least having a scale model of the car.  Thanks to Dynamite Decals for the great graphics!
Todd 7 (3) by RD Dix, on Flickr
20230925_155227 by RD Dix, on Flickr
20230925_155129 by RD Dix, on Flickr
20230925_155054 by RD Dix, on Flickr
20230925_155142 by RD Dix, on Flickr
20230925_155110 by RD Dix, on Flickr
20230925_155010 by RD Dix, on Flickr


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Great replica! I know that he was happy to get it.
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THANKS GUYS! (Yes, he did appreciate it).

Bob P.


Tom Birky

I remember seeing that one race. Awesome replica Bob!