My new little truck

Started by MarkJ, April 10, 2024, 09:03:35 AM

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Got tired of driving my Silverado which I really did not use anymore for hauling anything but plants and the things to plant them with, and we got rid of our travel trailer that was falling apart more and more every time we went to check it out at the storage lot, so we decided to downsize to something more fun to drive. I saw something on the road that I had never seen before and all it said on the tailgate in big letters was Santa Cruz. I said to my wife what the heck is that. Well later on we saw it on a morning tv show that was covering the New York Auto show. Turns out it is made by Hyundai and it's a Tuscon crossover that has a bed put on the back of it. We went down to the closest Hyundai dealer which turned out to be where we bought our Silverado in 2020. We drove one with a turbo that had a lot of other things on it that made the price ridiculous, so we drove a bare bones one without turbo but were really surprised how well it drove and how good it looked. They gave us a good deal on our trade in and a good price for the little truck, so we bought it that day. Now we find excuses for why we need to go some where just so we can drive it. Tried to add a picture of it but it said the upload file was full, so you will have to google it if your interested.



That looks sharp. Funny how you happen to see one on the road that caught your eye and then bought one. Test driving has always helped the wife and I pick the right vehicle. I don't know how these people buy cars with their phone!

Bob P.


I really like those Santa Cruz crossovers. Your's looks great.
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