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1935 Mercedes

Started by Rattlecan Dan, June 04, 2024, 01:45:10 PM

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Rattlecan Dan

Category anything else non short track or NASCAR. Is this where I should post a classic?
Thanks for viewing.


Holy cow, that truly is a piece of artwork! Simply beautiful. Is that a straight eight?
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"I am, Sir, a brother of the angle" from the book The Compleat Angler. Izaak Walton 1653

Rattlecan Dan

Thanks for the compliment. It is a straight eight.


Extremely clean build of a classic. Looks ready to roll across the Concours-de-Elegance stage. I had one of those, but somehow let it get away. With a bit of patience, these old Monogram Classics are some beautiful builds.
When I win the Powerball I will switch to the real ones.

Rattlecan Dan

Thanks for compliment. Here it is at Pebble Beach Concours-d-Elegance-where it won best in Class. 1978.

Michael F

Pure luxury, very nice 👍
Greetings from Germany!


Wow, Donato. Where have you been hiding that thing of beauty all this time?