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Started by James2, June 07, 2024, 06:20:48 AM

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Hello, been a while since I checked in. Life has been real hectic for us now for about 4yr. Many of you may remember our oldest son passed (suicide) in 2020 and there has been many collateral problems that followed. There has been good as well, character growth, family/friends closeness, etc. I wrote and published a book about the experience and of course I'm still building model cars. I have a Jimmy Spencer Grand National car to share here. Being men's mental health month, I thought I'd do what they call a buddy check, something I do quite often in the real world.

Hope you all are well... 
"Days are neither good nor bad, they are what you make of them."


 :) Well, I am still a buddy, but I have faded in and out of late.

Life happens and we do the best we can. 

The 10 tells me you are as good as ever.

Great to hear from you.  Prayers. 
Look to the Lord and His strength -  Seek His face always.
Psalm 105:4


Hey John I'm STILL LURKING around not building dealing with some health issues myself. But I keep fighting
Charlie Daniel


Still here also.  have several builds I need to take pics of.  Have to remember how to post them..  Have had  computer problems also.  Good to hear from u James2

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