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My current build. Not Nascar but very close

Started by MarkJ, June 11, 2024, 07:37:45 AM

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Did some more work to the headers and collectors. Had to make the collectors separate from the headers so they can be attached after the headers are installed to the engine. The way I did it, even though it looks ridiculous, will allow me to get an exhaust system on the build even though it is completely wrong and probably has never been used on a real car ever. Thats okay. It gets the exhaust out of the little plastic engine in the build. I had to remove the stock manifold and throttle body so I can add a single plane manifold and Holley carb. I will also have to change up the pulleys at the front of the engine and the fan belts and add an oil pump. Might have to make an air cleaner and I will increase the size of the valve covers on the kit engine.

Rattlecan Dan

Love the dedication. Keep on hammerin' away my man. I'll bet it's gonna be a good un.


Thanks, Donato. Really appreciate you stopping by and lending some support


Rattlecan Dan

Even if not extremely visible upon completion those added touches are gratifying to you as the builder. (I hope).


You're amazing Mark. You don't have the correct intake, no big deal, just make one! I would have been digging around for one that's close enough.
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Thanks, Donato and Steve. I'm hoping it will look somewhat like the manifold I posted there. I also need to make a Holley carb. I checked my stash, but nothing was there.