Sumner DeWolf 40 Ford dirt car

Started by Rattlecan Dan, June 12, 2024, 10:26:14 AM

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Rattlecan Dan

This car caught my wife's eye. She said build this one. Thanks for viewing.


Excellent build. Really like the detail in the engine compartment. Also like your use of bungee straps to hold the trunk lid and hood in place.
When I win the Powerball I will switch to the real ones.

Michael F

Wow, your wife has a good eye on racecars !!
Nice color combo and very detailed engine bay, great !!

And their wish is our command, isnĀ“t it?
My lady wants me to build this:

Greetings from Germany!


Both of your wives have good eyes for automobiles. My wife grew up in a drag racing family, she's a car nut too. I drive a Toyota Tacoma, she drives a hemi Challenger with a six speed manual.
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