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Goodyear Tire stencils/decals

Started by volkerc, June 19, 2024, 05:51:09 PM

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If you are in the same boat like me, than here is a solution.
I struggle with the tire decals as they don't have that real feeling to me.
Aside from that they hardly stay on. Recently built a Nascar #3 slotcar
that I had applied the kit supplied decals to the tires. They would not stay
on, fell apart, cause they were old and applying  a flat clear really destroyed
 the look. So I came across a seller of stencils who was doing the old white
style letter Tire stencils. Decided to ask him if he could produce stencils that
have those lines running through the letters. So we exchanged some
thoughts and he agreed to get a stencil done. Just arrived and I painted the
tires and it looks lightyears better than the decals. These stencils will go into
 mass production available for everybody. So if you like the look, here is
another and I think better option than decals. I used Tamyia XF3 and XF2 to
 mix the yellow. I used a full glass of XF3 and added 85-90% XF2 to come
up with the color.
No more issues with decals coming off, replacing tires and no decals at hand.
 Just clean the tires and repaint as needed. As often as needed. Nail
the painted look of the real deal.

Photo above shows the Kits decal and a test paint with XF3 which is too dark

Photo above shows the proto stencil, Tire on car with the XF3/2 mix, next a tire with XF3 and the old stencil painted  a tire with Vallejo zinc yellow

Photo above shows a close up

Photo above painted tires using the stencil


It is now available to order with some slight improvements.

Ordered a production stencil which has just arrived and did a quick paintjob and photo.
This is now the production stencil you would get if you were to
order one. More detail for the winged shoe , the "1" amongst other added
stuff mentioned on the sellers website. Notice that compared to the decals this
lettering has the correct 4 lines running through "Goodyear" while the decals
(the ones that I have used) only have 3.

Rattlecan Dan

Look nice. Will he be making various Hoosier stencils as well?


Quote from: Rattlecan Dan on June 19, 2024, 10:41:50 PMLook nice. Will he be making various Hoosier stencils as well?
I don't know of all the differences of Hoosier tires. But he has 2 templates so far. I bugged him to make these and I guess it made sense to fill the Goodyear gap. If you have suggestions we could communicate it to him.
Here are the current offerings:

Rattlecan Dan

Thanks for the info. Bookmarked the site for future reference.