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Fitting new Valvoline decals.

Started by Vdc, June 29, 2024, 05:38:16 AM

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Hi all.

Just want to give some fitting tips for the new Powerslide sheet.

First off, the jack post arrows are part of the stripe decal. If you decide to slot the right side for a jack post.

I had to remove the arrow to place above the slot. It's now further from the curve edge.
And the pillars decal. It must sit up just one side of the roof rail. The thinnest decal covers rail's other side.

Mine didn't, so there is that white gap showing. And that decal I laid first, it helps to line up the rest.
But it's not perfect,these 1990 bodyshells, I think are not symmetrical L/R. So keep the roof and 2nd pillar decals wet for alignment.