#22 Pennzoil Haudenschild sprint car

Started by 18degrees, July 07, 2024, 06:16:36 PM

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finished this one up today.  there is a WiP if you want to see more detailed pics.

kit is standard Revellogram, decals are kit ones plus a few from a Slotcarfever sheet and some Slixx contingencies with Powerslide tire decals, paint is Tamiya chrome yellow (would use "regular" yellow if i had to do it all over again), air filter is a 3D printed piece that i had Jaye whip up for me, seat support, nerfs and headers were modified by me for a more accurate look, wheels are from SWS Chassis, tires are from Modelhaus, wing supports are styrene rod, hood and seat are resin from Mikes/Big Donkey, front wing posts at the rear had to be modified so they would fit around the hood, and the bead locks and mud covers are from Dwight on Shapeways.

and for those of you who are sprint car fans, if you have never seen Jac running in his younger years... and you think his son rips the lip... hoo boy, never seen a sprint car driver with cojones as big as Jac's in my 31 years of watching sprint cars.  never understood how he fit them things in such a small driver's office, he had to carry them around in a wheelbarrow outside of the car ;)

Rattlecan Dan

Wow! I don't follow the sprints, but that looks like you've nailed that one. Great detail and finish. Outstanding!


That is one impressive ride! Well done.
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