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Started by Tom Birky, July 11, 2017, 03:17:35 PM

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Razorback 46

Hello, y'all! Name's Jared but I usually go by JR. Been building mostly NASCAR models for the last 20 years and I've been running the Fantasy Cup Series (a fictional series with custom builds and randomly drawn positions) since 2016. I'm sad to see Randy Ayers' forum coming to an end but I look forward to sharing my builds as well as seeing everyone else's.

Most of my models over the years can be found here:

Keith Wallace

Hello, I'm Keith Wallace, 65, from Millille, NJ.Followed Nascar from the early 80's. Lost interest when they went to the playoff system and R.J. Reynolds got the boot.  But I still like the beer and tobacco cars.I am a beer enthusiast and like building vehicles exhibiting their logos. Thanks for opening your forum to us. I look forward to being here.

Rattlecan Dan

Thanks for allowing me to be part of the forum. Rattlecan Dan. Clearwater, Florida


I am from the Randy Ayers Nascar Board.

Does his board have the option to getemails of new postings like daily?

If you post to a thread does it sent you an email when new posts are made?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Tom Birky

Hi Len, click on your profile in the upper left corner. There are notification and alert settings in your profile menu and the notifications menu. I don't know why the profile thing is so tiny. Let me know if you have more questions.



Thanks Tom. I found the alert/notifications section and made the changes.

I see if I get the notifications/emails now.

Thanks agin for your help.


I'm Bob Seagraves, from Long Island NY. The former home of Islip Speedway and Freeport Stadium. I ran Islip and Riverhead Raceway from 1982-1984. I got back into model building around 1996, mostly now I'm doing stock cars and pavement and dirt modifieds.

I got here from the Model Cars Magazine forum, I did belong to Raydy Ayers forum as well as Fred's.


Welcome aboard. I also belong to the MCM forum and formerly Fred's. I do mostly fantasy builds of short track cars, both full-fendered and open wheel. Show us some of your builds.
When I win the Powerball I will switch to the real ones.

Rattlecan Dan

Welcome Bob. Only made the trip from Syracuse to Islip once (got rained out). I'm one of the increasing number of modelers who have recently joined this forum. Hope you enjoy the company and will post up your builds.


Quote from: Rattlecan Dan on June 10, 2024, 12:36:28 PMWelcome Bob. Only made the trip from Syracuse to Islip once (got rained out). I'm one of the increasing number of modelers who have recently joined this forum. Hope you enjoy the company and will post up your builds.

Islip was a magical place, no other track compared to it. I was heartbroken when it closed, I ran the last night and came in 4th in my Nova Charger Division car. I tried to post some modified pictures, but they were too big. This was from my phone. So I will have to resize them from my PC.


Hello All, Aaron Benware, 51 years young from Claremont NH. Home of Claremont Speedway/Home of CODA/Claremont Motorsports Park. Started building models in the early 80's at age 8 or 9. Built up into the early 90's. Life happened and started building again in 2020. I build some Nascar, but mostly build local short track heroes. Been building a lot of the local modifieds lately. Been into racing since I was 6 years old. My Dad raced a Street Stock at the Claremont Speedway starting in 1980. Finished his career in 1987. Started building mostly his old cars. Have been recently building for others making enough to replenish supplies and put a few bucks in my pocket. Its a win win as I get to build and keep buying kits and supplies. Thanks for having me!

Tom Birky

Glad you're here Aaron! Looking forward to seeing some of your builds



Another refugee from the Randy Ayers board.  My name is Brian, I'll turn 65 this fall, raced dirt late models from 1977 to 1982, got married, had kids, worked, missed racing the whole time, settled for building models.  Ran into a hobby shop owner in 2012 at a vintage race car event.  He had a vintage modified coupe, being driven by another fellow.  Owner wasn't overjoyed with how things were going, so I said I'll drive it and maintain it for you if you'd like.  Mid-summer 2013 I started driving his car, while beginning construction on my own car. 1st race for him was just like my very first race at 17, we missed the warm-ups!  Luckily, it seems to be like riding a bike.  After 2 or 3 laps in the heat, I felt just fine.  Blew the motor on the 7th lap of the feature!  Fixed it for him and we raced fairly successfully for 4 seasons.  Finished my own car (see below), a replica of a car I saw at the first track I ever attended in 1972.  It's won half the races I've run with it, lots of fun to drive!  Still modeling, mostly short-track cars, with an occasional Indy or F-1 car thrown in.  Also branched out into figure models recently, a nice change of pace from cars.  This looks like a decent place, lots of familiar names!  Got a couple projects nearing completion, will post pics when I can.  Thanks, Tom, for letting us crash your party!

Pic of my car in action, 2022:


Welcome Brian, I'm really glad that you made the jump.

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