Tommy Maier Ed Howe Going Camaro 1973

Started by ARCA Guy, October 15, 2018, 09:56:55 AM

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Many racing fans in the Midwest and Canada know of this car which teamed with legendary racer and car builder Ed Howe to form a potent 1 - 2 team cars for the 1973 season. I have built the Howe Gone car and added this one to complete the pair. Usual stuff on it, Super Stocker chassis, 70 Camaro body with a bunch of modifications, Big Donkey tires, one of my last sets of Fred's wheels, sadness, and Rod (Statsman) did the fine set of decals, the pinstriping was a bitch, oh well its done!  Thanks for looking!


Nice representation there ARCAdude.  Yes, I did watch this car at I-70 in 73 and to be honest, when I saw 432 Ci on the hood I kinda chuckled.  The rule at the time of that race was 8 pounds per cubic inch so this thing had to weigh about 3500#!  Everyone else was in the 2800-2900 pound range but Tommy won it going away.  I never thought he could keep the tires under it for 200 laps but boy was I wrong.  He was not only fast, the car was quiet.  The 180 exhaust dumps were fitted with mufflers and the car would just kinda whoosh when it went by.  Tommy was un-real that day. 

Can you give us some info on the paint?  I am sure a few of us would like to do one of the HRE cars but I have never been happy with my paint mix.  What is it?   By the way, good job on getting the four bolt door attachment plates added!  Good eye.  I dont think I ever saw that on anything but Ed's stuff but I can see where it would make body repair much easier.  Those boys did beat em up a little as you can see in the photo below. 

Bob P.

Another beautiful replica build ARCA Guy. Excellent work, it looks dead on to me.



Ed K.


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Quote from: David Bogard on October 20, 2018, 10:06:08 PM
Are those PT-8's from Larry? Thanks!

Yes, I use those PT-8's which Larry started making for me awhile ago, I got sick of sanding the super stocker tires, so he made these up for them, great tires! Also his PT-7 are good as well for these cars along with old Chevelles.


David Bogard

I'll have to get a set of those and the PT-7's. I am working on one right now that probably could use the PT-8's as they look to be a little taller than the PPP tires.
I appreciate people that actually build and post models.