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Gauge Faces

Started by David Bogard, February 01, 2018, 02:41:24 PM

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David Bogard

I have had two recent requests for some gauge faces that I showed in a build a long time ago. In that particular "How-To" I showed where I print and cut out various gauge faces and then white glue them into the dash bezels. I then put a drop of the clear window glue on them and then set them aside to dry well (and clear). To that end I have added a half dozen different gauge faces sheets to my Fotki page under Building Tips. That way if anyone ever wants one they can just go there and download or copy them. The link is always in my post signature at the bottom. Thanks - David
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Gary Davis

Hey David...thank you for the Decal shots. I have a few sets of the same black face decals but not the white. I did save them (the white). Thanks again. Is that you standing next to the camaro? That pics was taken a few days ago right? Great looking car bud.
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Those are great david Thanks!