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Started by spotter23, August 21, 2018, 08:44:57 PM

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Added 3 more photos of NASCAR decals. Some are singles and some have several sheets. Take a look and see if anything of interest. they will be well below original cost. More photos when I have time.....$2.50 each, purchase 5 or more and I'll ship free.....Thanks for looking
IMG_E1355 by Mark Gregory, on Flickr
IMG_E1354 by Mark Gregory, on Flickr
IMG_E1353 by Mark Gregory, on Flickr
IMG_1386 by Mark Gregory, on Flickr
"Looking Cheap Ain't Cool & Looking Cool Ain't Cheap


Ed K.


Got the decals I ordered from Mark.
GREAT guy to deal with.
Decals were well protected inside the main envelope.

While these are NASCAR decals, make for great fictional, "What It" builds.....

Thanks, Mark!
Ed K.