Bobby Allison 1976 CAM2 short track hornet

Started by ARCA Guy, December 10, 2018, 07:54:35 AM

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Bobby Allison brought this short track Hornet to the Toledo Speedway for the 100 lap Cancer Race back in 1976. I used an old hornet body and modified the fenders, scratch built the hood, front grille/bumpers and a few other items. Super Stocker chassis, Powerslide decals with assist from Rod McLeod on numbers and contingencies. Thanks for looking!


Bob P.

Marty W


Michael F

Greetings from Germany!


Just WOW !! ARCA Guy you have nailed it on this one.
Ol' BA hung in there a long time with those Ramblers.
Nice, nice work !!



That is one COOOOL looking replica build!!!

Ed K.

Dr. Kerry

HMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmm...... You really know how to fire someone up eh??!!
This is spot on!! Not only it's a great and clean build but it's an AMC Hornet!!!!!! Yeah Buddy!!!!!
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       Dr. Kerry

Gary Davis

I'm with you Kerry....this build sure get's the juices flow'in for sure. GREAT job on this one ARCA Guy!!!
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Marty W

Always enjoy seeing your cars, ARCA Guy, and this is no exception.